Designing the next 52 weeks in Week 52

“You have power over your mind- not outside events. Realize this and you will have strength.”

– Marcus Aurelius

I did it! I achieved my goal- 52 weeks…52 adventures. Am I proud of myself? You bet I am! Seriously. I was almost sad it was over…except I always knew it never really would be. I was trying to figure out in week 51 what my ultimate adventure would be in week 52. I was toying with a couple of ideas until the US election night and Donald Trump was elected president. I’m not going to go into the election itself- instead I’m going to tell you how my next 52 weeks revealed themselves to me.

I, like many others, was pretty distraught after the elections. The media, culpable as any in this circus, was too overwhelming for me. What with friends grieving on social media, trying to make sense of it all, anti-Hillary slander, racism/sexists comments- I could not, would not get pulled into this negative wave. Is Trump’s presidency going to negatively impact many- I hope not but sadly currently believe the contrary. However- there is still good in this world, in fact, there’s a lot of good in this world.

I don’t quite understand why, however, the morning after the elections, I wanted to donate money to a charity or association for the support, protection and education of the seas and oceans. I reached out to one of my friends who is a marine biologist and she gave me a huge list of suggestions. When I saw this email, I felt a wave of relief flow through me- it was divine. I suddenly realized no one is regularly championing good deeds, organizations, non-profits- reporting on how some are trying to ensure the best for those around them and create a better world for all. Or if they are reporting on it- I’m not being exposed to it. So- yes- there is good in this world, I’m going to seek it, I’m going to support it and I’m going to report on it.

My 52 weeks of adventures taught me so much about myself- my resilience, my fears, my joys, my inspiration, my limiting beliefs. It mostly brought me an intense sense of gratitude for the wonderful people in this world- those that I’m fortunate to call family, friends, colleagues and those that I have not yet met but look forward to. One year ago, I felt stuck, I was uncomfortable with who I was, had no idea who I wanted to be and frankly was indulging in self-defeat, low self-esteem and was in full victim mode. This discomfort pushed me to try something drastic and new- the blog was the medium that enabled me to push my boundaries week after week, to step into my power and to take ownership of me-Emily. I’m so thrilled about this. A HUGE thank you to Scott Dinsmore and his wife Chelsea as well as all the people a part of the Live Your Legend team. It was their blog challenge that inspired me to take this path in my life- and now I’m going to continue.

How am I going to continue? First- I’m going to make 52 weeks…52 adventures into a book, for me, for my friends and family- a real memento of this amazing year. Next, I’m also going to be creating a little something to share with a wider audience- this remains a surprise for the moment. I’m also going to get some actual professional help to get my website and blog up to sexy standards as I’m going to continue with the next 52 weeks. Lastly, I’m pursuing the next 52 weeks.

What are going to be the next 52 weeks? Since the election- I am acutely aware of the incredible privileges that have been available to me as a white educated woman from a white educated family. I do not apologize for this. However- I do acknowledge that I must play a role to ensure those who’ve not had the same privileges are given my support (be it financial or otherwise). As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be seeking out the good in this world- locally and globally. I’m going to champion it, support it and expose it- perhaps you may even want to help, take a stand and become a supporter yourself. Perhaps you’ll just enjoy the comfort knowing that it’s not all bad. I’m doing this because I think it is vital during these times of growing perceived hatred that we give our attention, our time and even our support (be it financial, volunteering or otherwise) to the love that exists, the good that is done and the incredible, inspiring people involved. To stand up to hate, you have to unite and together stand up for what is right- that all are worthy and have the right to equal rights, equal respect and to live their lives in this world. We are all here on this planet on this amazing adventure called life. Let’s live it in love.

This blog has opened my eyes to the life I want to live, to who I want to be, the joy and happiness I want to feel, to the beauty of the relationships I have with those in my world. It’s time to give back and spread the message.

Week 1 of 52 weeks of goodness in this world will be about the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium whom I donated to on the night of the US elections.


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